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Barbara Steffens PhD LPCC Interview 2 of 4

Here is the second of four interviews Barbara Steffens, Ph.D, LPCC, co-author of Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How Partners Can Cope and Heal with Marsha Means, MA, did with JoAnn Russell, RN, MS at In this segment, Barbara continues to discuss how partners worlds are shaken when they learn about their spouses sex addiction.

Barbara Steffens PhD LPCC Interview 1 of 4

Barbara Steffens, Ph.D, LPCC, who co-authored Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How Partners Can Cope and Heal with Marsha Means, MA, was interviewed by JoAnn Russell, RN, MS in a four part series at JoAnn's informative website, Both Barbara and JoAnn have graciously given me permission to offer this series of audio interviews to

Married To A Sex Addict Wedding Rings

At, JoAnn Russell, RN, MS offers a safe space where partners and spouses of sex addicts can tell their stories and get support from a community of people with similar experiences who both give and receive support through the sharing of these very personal stories.  JoAnn describes the site as  providing "Resources and Support

Sex Addicts Partners Group Supportive Hands

  Partners and Spouses of someone who is sexually addicted and compulsive often feel traumatized, isolated, scared, angry and confused about what to do. Questions partners often ask include: What is sexual addiction? I feel so betrayed. How can I ever trust again? What about my children? What do I tell my family? Should we […]

Sex Addicts and Partners Calling for Help is Hard

I hear it in their voices on the phone. They are scared and alone. They don't know who to call for help. They don't know what and how much to say. They are afraid of the response they will get. Will they be judged? Will their concerns be minimized? Are they making "a big deal

Beach Stressful for Sex Addicts and Partners

 Summer time and the living is easy. Beaches. Bathing Suits. Tank Tops. Shorts. Fun in the sun for everyone. Well. Not quite everyone. For sex addicts and their partners summer can bring dread. The anxiety typically starts in the early days of spring when most people enjoy taking off those bulky coats and letting the

Sex Addict Golfer

Growing up, Tiger Woods probably did not think he would someday make sex addiction a  household word. Ironically, his personal drama playing out on the public stage has helped to educate people about sexual addiction and treatment resources. I did a telephone interview with Jamie Hersch of WKOW 27 in Madison on February 19, 2010

Partners and Spouses of Sex Addicts are Traumatized and Isolated

Partners-Spouses of Sex Addicts are usually in shock when I meet them. Often they have spent many desperate hours searching for treatment resources to help their sexually compulsive partner. Their feelings shift frequently. They are scared, horrified, angry, embarrassed, lonely and feel helpless. They fear for their future and the future of their relationships, marriages […]

Sad Addict Living in the Shadows

Sex Addiction  Screening Tools. How do you determine if you or someone you care about is sexually compulsive or addicted? I hear this question frequently from men and women who are in crisis  because of their destructive sexual behavior or the problematic sexual behavior of someone important to them. Dr. Patrick Carnes, internationally known